A judge issued a warrant for Terrell Owens' arrest after the wide receiver failed to appear at a child support hearing.

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The free-agent wide receiver tries to reschedule the October 24 hearing

Owens did not have representation at the time, a spokeswoman says

Owens played for various teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles

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Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for former Dallas Cowboys player Terrell Owens after he failed to show up for a child support hearing last month.

The free-agent wide receiver tried to reschedule the October 24 hearing in order to attend an NFL workout to help secure a contract, his spokeswoman said Saturday night.

He is “deeply upset that anyone would misconstrue his nonappearance in court,” Diana Bianchini said.

At the time, Owens did not have representation, but his new attorneys are working to resolve the “no show” court date, she said.

Owens has been nursing a knee injury after surgery, and currently has no income, according to the spokeswoman.

He supports his four children based on his 2007 income of $11 million to $12 million when he was playing for the Dallas Cowboys, which has not been modified to reflect his current situation, she said.

“In addition to this, his attorneys have just filed a lawsuit on his behalf for $2 million in a case where advisers who had access to his accounts were seriously mishandling fund,” she said.

The player is in “serious financial shape” but is working to resolve the issue, according to the spokeswoman.

The wide receiver has played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals.

CNN’s Stephanie Gallman contributed to this report.