'Starchitect' David Adjaye on his favorite buildings

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  • David Adjaye is an architect born in Tanzania
  • Although he lives and works in London, he says Africa remains a source of inspiration
  • He has recently designed buildings in the UK, Italy and the United States
David Adjaye is one of the world's most highly acclaimed and sought after architects.
Born in Tanzania to Ghanaian parents, Africa has played an important role in his life and continues to provide inspiration for his projects around the globe -- although he now lives and bases his practice in London.
"Tanzania is an incredible melting pot of cultures with Sikhs, Indians, Muslims," Adjaye says.
"Living in East Africa and sort of mixing with all these groups allowed me to sample many different spatial and cultural conditions very early on," he adds.
Some of Adjaye's most notable structures include the Nobel Peace Center in Norway, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C.
David Adjaye's favorite buildings
David Adjaye's favorite buildings


    David Adjaye's favorite buildings


David Adjaye's favorite buildings 02:55
But while his African roots remain a fond memory, he says that there is now much more that inspires him -- not least his love of architecture around the world.
In the gallery above Adjaye selects six of his favorite buildings, explaining why they hold a special appeal to him and what makes them so architecturally unique.