Clever costumes and candy-induced sugar comas are a great way to avoid getting any real work done when Halloween falls on a Monday.

Geek Out! is glad to provide you with another diversion – our Halloween Web Roundup! Here’s what we’ve found today that is awesomely clever:

Ninjas are a culture, too, even if you can’t see them

• That At-At dog was cool, and you’ve probably seen the Chewbacca dog, too,  but here’s some other pet costumes which put that getup you bought at Petsmart to shame.

• Waiting to carve a pumpkin till the very last minute? Look over here for inspiration or to see how people are way better at it than you are. (And here’s how things could go for your parents)

• HuffPo went full-on zombie today, as did Hello Kitty

• These are some delightfully off-kilter costumes from Japan that offer an interesting Halloween perspective, if you can figure it out

• Google does not disappoint this year

• We have always appreciated a dash of technical know-how on Halloween, and here’s some DIY home haunting gems

Marvel’s Costoberfest had some standout entries, and this costume roundup is respectably niche

• How do you celebrate Halloween if you’re Weird Al? Make a Weird Al Jack O’Lantern!