So scary! Revelers team up for awesome costumes

Story highlights

  • Teamwork dresses up group costumes for Halloween
  • Many iReporters devoted a lot of time and effort into perfecting their costumes
  • Check out all of iReport's great group Halloween costume submissions
Nothing gets people in the Halloween spirit like group costumes. Teamwork was the finishing touch of many iReporters' outfits -- whether it was a team of green Army men or crayons.
Many iReporters devoted a lot of time and effort into perfecting their costumes, such as Jason Chuon and his partner Jeremy Kidd, who went to creative lengths to create their nun-chuck couples costume: "We did some searching online and came across a website that sold chain links in every size and color one could imagine." They chose a hollow chain, cut it, tied each end of the chain to thin, plastic hair bands and finished it off with metallic-looking headbands. They chose to do a couples costume after Kidd proposed to Chuon on a business trip in Hong Kong a few weeks before Halloween last year.
CNN iReport received an array of costume submissions -- iReporters slipped on masks and assumed the roles of superheroes, dressed in their best (or worst) as celebrities, and put the pop in pop culture icons with their creative and eye-catching outfits. The costume themes varied as widely as the amount of time invested in creating them -- one iReporter says she spent up to a month creating most of the 17 costumes for a "Wizard of Oz" group, while others chose simpler themes and created their costumes in one night, such as a Care Bears college student group displayed in the gallery above.
However different the costumes were, two themes emerged among all of the iReports: the fun of the creation process as a group and the reactions at the end result. Kera Dacy and her movie accountant co-workers dressed up as the Village People and purportedly elicited quite a reaction from a celebrity on the set: "At the end of the week we pay our employees and actors their per diem. Jessica Alba was on this list, among others. You can imagine her response to a biker with fake chest hair and an Indian handling her money."
We featured some of the best submissions in the above gallery, but be sure to check out all of the great group Halloween costume submissions here.