Wayward deer rescued in Tidal Basin

Story highlights

  • Deer couldn't get out of DC's Tidal Basin
  • Fire and animal control crews went to work
  • Animal was to be released in a local park
The Tidal Basin was the scene of an atypical water rescue Friday morning.
A buck tumbled into the manmade water enclosure and was unable to get out because the water surface is several feet below the surrounding walkway.
District of Columbia Fire and EMS and animal control units were dispatched to the scene. Crews went into action, employing a Zodiac inflatable boat.
Once lassoed, the deer was carried to near the Jefferson Memorial and handed over to the animal control team.
"The deer seems to be in good shape," Sgt. David Schlosser of U.S. Park Police said. "It is going to be warmed up and released into a local park, where hopefully it will run free."
A similar rescue took place in 2006.