Gallery: The hottest bodies in Hollywood

Updated 12:59 PM ET, Mon October 31, 2011
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Let's be honest. We all wish we could be hot, rich and famous. But if you had a choice, which celebrity's body would you most like to emulate? A new survey from FITNESS magazine and Yahoo's OMG! has revealed the Hollywood sixpacks we covet most. Yoga lover Jennifer Aniston tops several of the survey's categories. In addition to being the celebrity most women want to look like, 65% of those surveyed drool over her abs and 25% think she's the hottest woman in Hollywood over 40. Getty Images
Following closely behind Aniston in the "Best Female Celebrity Body Over 40" category is Halle Berry. As if being the first African-American to win an Academy Award for best actress wasn't enough. Getty Images
Will Smith appeals to multiple demographics -- 37% of men wish they looked like him and 37% of women wished their significant other did. Smith also comes in second on the "Best Male Celebrity Body Over 40" list. Getty Images
First place on fit over 40? Aniston's former lover Brad Pitt. He beat Smith by a mere 5% of the vote. Following close behind was Wolverine, better known as Hugh Jackman. Getty Images
David Beckham and his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, were named the hottest celebrity couple. They beat out Cameron Diaz & Alex Rodriguez, Gisele & Tom Brady and Fergie & Josh Duhamel. Getty Images
Not everyone glows when she's pregnant, but those surveyed said Jessica Alba pulled off the baby bump best. Close behind were Heidi Klum and Gwen Stefani. Getty Images
That baby bump doesn't always disappear quickly. Jennifer Lopez worked hard to get back in shape and fans rewarded her with the top spot on the "Best Body After Baby" list. Getty Images
Right after those surveyed attain Aniston's abs, they're going after Cameron Diaz's arms. Then they say they'll work on getting Blake Lively's legs and Pippa Middleton's butt. Getty Images
Tina Fey picked up a win for the sexiest female comedian, with 28% of the vote. "You can't be worried about your looks when you're trying to learn comedy," she told the Daily Mail in 2010. "I'm lucky now that they can beat me enough with a make-up brush so that I look OK." Getty Images
Russell Brand and Katy Perry didn't make the hottest couple list but Brand did top the "Sexiest Male Comedian" category. There was some tough competition -- Brand earned just 14% of the vote, followed by Jimmy Fallon at 11% and Jon Stewart at 9%. Getty Images
Have you seen Kelly Ripa's Electrolux commercials? If not, just know that she's got "stay in shape" on her lengthy to-do list. Ripa was voted the hottest celebrity talk show host. Getty Images
No surprise here -- The Duchess of Cambridge has the hottest royal body around. Her sister, Pippa Middleton, came in second. The royal wedding guests in the funny hats didn't make the list. Getty Images
You know who's not hot? Snooki, according to the survey results. The "Jersey Shore" star's body was voted as the one fans were most bored with seeing. Maybe she should eat something other than pickles to spice things up. Getty Images