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War veteran becomes 'Occupy' protest hero

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NEW: Nashville authorities say Occupy Nashville participants will be required to have permits

Witnesses say a tear gas canister fractured veteran's skull

The injured vet becomes another issue for protesters to rally around

Scott Olsen is in fair condition in an intensive care unit

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Authorities made a series of arrests at Occupy Wall Street protests in California and Georgia on Tuesday and Wednesday, with clashes in one city that involved tear gas being used on demonstrators.

Hundreds packed the streets near Manhattan’s Union Square on Wednesday in a march in support of veteran Scott Olsen. At least 10 people were arrested in clashes with officers, a New York police spokesman said.

Olsen suffered a skull fracture Tuesday night after allegedly being struck by a tear gas canister in Oakland, California, according to witnesses. He was in fair condition Thursday in the intensive care unit at Highland Hospital, hospital spokesman Curt Olsen said.

The former Marine has become another rallying cry for the Occupy Wall Street protests spreading throughout the country.

Demonstrators have typically railed against what they describe as corporate greed, arrogance and power, as well as their assertion that the nation’s wealthiest 1% hold inordinate sway over the remaining 99% of the population.

Despite the crackdown, the movement does not appear to be losing steam.

Police said they fired tear gas on protesters in Oakland after the crowd threw paint and other objects at officers. In Atlanta, police arrested dozens of demonstrators at a downtown park after they failed to leave the facility as ordered.

In Nashville, Tennessee, authorities said Thursday that Occupy Nashville participants will be required to have permits, according to a statement from the state’s Department of General Services.

CNN’s Susan Candiotti and Joe Sutton contributed to this report.