Pakistani protesters stage small 'Occupy Islamabad' event

Story highlights

  • An "Occupy Islamabad" protest is aimed at the World Bank
  • "Down with capitalism, long live socialism," the protesters chant
  • All the world's problems are "fundamental characteristics of the capital system," one says
Around 75 people joined in an "Occupy Islamabad" rally Wednesday in the Pakistani capital, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York and has spread internationally.
"We are the 99%. We will drive out the international 1%," said a pamphlet handed out by the protesters.
The group, which was said to include left-wing political workers, intellectuals, students and ordinary citizens, marched up to the building of the World Bank in Islamabad.
"Down with capitalism, long live socialism," the protesters chanted. Other slogans they recited included, "Where should we go, what should we eat, inflation has reached at its peak," and "Should we eat dust or stones?"
"The problems of the world -- including war, literacy, poverty, unemployment, inflation -- all of these problems are fundamental characteristics of the capital system," said Asim Sajad, one of the protesters.
Sajad said the world of 7 billion people will not be at peace until the capitalist system is replaced and overhauled.
"We are protesting against capitalism, so we want an alternative system that is not only for the elite but for the masses," said Amna Mawaz, another protester.
Police didn't let the protesters go inside the World Bank building. The protesters dispersed after delivering some speeches outside.