Wall Street protesters agree to curb drumming

Story highlights

  • Some residents are growing weary of the dug-in demonstration
  • Noise has been a major complaint, particularly the drumming
  • Protesters say they will work with residents to address their concerns
In response to residents' repeated complaints about noise, Wall Street protesters in New York have agreed to limit drumming to just four hours a day.
The so-called general assembly of the Occupy Wall Street movement decided this week to keep the drumming to between 12-2 p.m. ET and 4-6 p.m. ET.
As the Wall Street protests stretch into their second month, some Manhattan residents near Zuccotti Park are growing weary of the dug-in demonstration. Many have complained about the noise, while others have expressed concern over such quality-of-life issues as sanitation and safety.
The drummers have formed a group, called "Pulse," which will be responsible for enforcing the drumming limit, said Occupy Wall Street community affairs representative Kevin Sheneberger.
Protesters are committed to working with the community to address residents' concerns, he said. A complaint hotline has been established and is staffed 24 hours a day.