Deadly earthquake strikes Turkey

Updated 4:38 PM ET, Wed October 26, 2011
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Rescue workers carry 2-week-old baby Azra Karaduman. The baby was pulled from debris on Tuesday, October 25, in Ercis, Turkey, two days after a deadly earthquake devastated parts of eastern Turkey. AFP/Getty Images
Residents of Ercis gather around a fire to keep warm as they wait in the streets on Tuesday for news of survivors. Joe Duran/CNN
Residents of Ercis collect tents from a Turkish Red Crescent truck on Monday, October 24. AFP/Getty Images
Rescue teams in Van, Turkey, search for survivors on Monday. Sunday's 7.2-magnitude quake struck at 1:41 p.m. local time about 12 miles from Van, the U.S. Geological Survey said. AFP/Getty Images
Turkish rescuers try to find survivors in the rubble of a collapsed building in Van on Monday. AFP/Getty Images
Ercis residents collect loaves of bread provided by relief agencies on Monday. AFP/Getty Images
Turkish rescue workers try to recover people from a collapsed building in Ercis on Monday. AFP/Getty Images
A man walks through the rubble in Van on Monday. AFP/Getty Images
Residents of Ercis, Turkey, gather around fires in the aftermath of a the quake that rocked the city on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
Ercis residents gather around a fire in the street and survey the destruction of the surrounding city on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
Rescuers assist a man trapped beneath a collapsed building minutes before his death on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
Citizens and rescue workers sift through the rubble looking for survivors in Ercis, Turkey, on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
Two men stand in the rubble of a collapsed building in the aftermath of the quake on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
A Turkish man searches for survivors in the rubble on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
Rescue efforts continue well into the night on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
Men scour the rubble on Sunday looking for survivors. AFP/Getty Images