Venezuela's Chavez heads home after medical tests in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez delivers a speech on Sunday before boarding a plane to seek medical treatment in Cuba.

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  • Chavez announced in June that he has cancer
  • He has undergone treatment in both Venezuela and Cuba
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez heads home Thursday after undergoing five days of medical tests in Cuba.
Chavez made the announcement on state-run VTV on Wednesday night.
Once home, Chavez said he will make a religious trip to the state of Tachira, which borders Colombia.
"Well, we will return tomorrow," he told the station. "At noon we will be there, God willing. We will depart early. We will go to the Santo Cristo de la Grita to pay for a promise I made."
Chavez did not elaborate on the trip.
Chavez has been in Cuba for undisclosed medical tests since Saturday.
In June, he announced that doctors in Cuba had removed a cancerous tumor from his body. He has not said what type of cancer he has.
The president has undergone treatments in both Venezuela and Cuba.
Last month, the president was in Cuba for what he said was his fourth and possibly final round of chemotherapy.
Chavez has pledged to run for re-election next year, dismissing speculation that his illness would force him out of politics.