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Unemployment rates in the Middle East are some of the highest globally according to the International Labour Organization.

Story highlights

  • New jobs could come to the Middle East from the animation industry
  • Unemployment numbers in the Middle East are some of highest in world
  • MME talks with three business and policymakers to discuss the issue of rising unemployment
IN FOCUS: An animation Industry
As concerns over high unemployment continue to grow in the Middle East, one sector that could pave the way for new job creation is animation production. This week MME takes a look at the relative newcomer in the region, and how the animation industry is slowly gaining a foothold.
FACETIME: Job creation in the Middle East
Increasing unemployment and a lack of opportunity was one of the key causes of the Arab Spring. According to the International Labour Organization, the Middle East has among the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. This week MME sat down with three business and policymakers, Imad Fakhoury, Jordanian Economic and Business Advisor, Abdel Malek Al Jaber, CEO, MENA Apps and Tarik Yousef, CEO of Silatech to discuss the issue.
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