5 apps to celebrate laziness

Zombies, Run! turns exercise into a game -- a terrifying, terrifying game.

Story highlights

  • Snooze is a iOS app that donates 25 cents every time you go back to sleep
  • Crowdmug lets you trade cash for pics of the scene at local bars and restaurants
  • DuoDater is a new dating site so you can go on double dates with your friends
We're in a time of flux, my friends. We're sandwiched somewhere between the lazy, crazy days of summer (BBQs! Impromptu trips up the coast! Smuggling fireworks across various and sundry borders!) and the holidays (turkey! ceremonies of various religious ilks! self-loathing brought on by turkey and ceremonies of various religious ilks!).
And we don't know about you, but we're about due for a mental break before sallying forth into the mental torment that is winter.
That's why this week we're going to chill with the pedantry and help you kick back and celebrate laziness. Yes, laziness.
It's the total antithesis of the "American Way" (whatever the hell that is).
Read on for five apps that are either tailored for the more malaise-laden among us.
Waking up is hard to do
Especially when the floor temperature starts dropping for 10 degrees with each passing week. May we introduce Snooze, a genius iOS app that lets you pledge 25 cents to a variety of charities each and every time you decide that you need another 10 minutes or so of sleep (either to catch up on rest or finish that sexy dream).
If your boss chews you out for being late to work, just tell him you were volunteering.
Don't have time to comb through Pitchfork
Fool your music snob friends with Band of the Day, an iPhone app that dishes out musical knowledge in easy-to-digest screen-fulls. Each day, you'll get a bevy of info on one hand-selected band: original interviews, streaming music, videos and more.
If your friends still doubt your expertise, just cast about your brain for the name of some buzz band and express disdain. Works every time.
Your get-up-and-go got up and went
The days are getting shorter, and, consequently, the nights are getting longer -- and damn colder.
If the prospect of staying in and watching reruns of '90s teen television whilst swaddled in a Snuggie is seeming more appealing than pouring yourself into something fancy and hitting the streets, might we recommend buying a cat and just giving up?
Maybe just check out Crowdmug, an iOS app that lets you trade cash for pics of the scene at local bars and restaurants -- thus checking out the crowd without leaving your couch. Other users collect the money you pony up to supply said photos. Or, you know, YOU could get off your lazy, sweatpants-encased arse and collect cash for your own snaps.
Getting paid to go out? Dude, that's like being an escort -- without all the illegal stuff.
Two heads are better than one
OK, so you're not a total recluse, but the idea of sacrificing TWO nights out this week (one for dating, one for hanging with friends) is making your brain weary -- all that planning, all the strain that semi-intelligent conversation entails.
Check out DuoDater, a new dating site that allows you to go on double dates with your friends. Also, if you're not that loyal a friend, it's like two dates in one night -- score.
Running on empty
Some people look forward to their morning runs. Some of us, however, couldn't impel ourselves to jog if our lives depended on it. At least figuratively. In the unlikely event that a horde of flesh-eating undead were (literally) nipping at our heels, we'd likely strap on some Nikes and jet.
Enter Zombies, Run! an upcoming app for iOS and Android that turns exercise into a game -- a terrifying, terrifying game.
Basically, you download the app, stick in your ear buds and let a narrator scare you into getting in shape as the story of a dystopian world crawling with Z-beasts starts to unfold.
The more you run, the better chance you have for survival as you collect supplies and just generally avoid being eaten. This app should be stellar training for throwing yourself into the mortal morass that is holiday shopping.