A Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet on display at a trade fair in Germany.
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A Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet on display at a trade fair in Germany.

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Samsung accuses Apple of patent infringements

The two companies have sued and countersued each other in recent months

An Australian court granted an injunction againt Samsung last week

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Samsung Electronics filed preliminary injunction motions in Japan and Australia on Monday to block the sale of Apple’s iPhone 4S there.

The South Korean company is accusing Apple of patent infringements dealing with wireless telecommunications technology.

In the Japan filing, Samsung also wants the court to bar the sale of iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Apple could not immediately be reached for comment.

$2 smartphone salvo in Samsung-Apple war

Apple announced the latest incarnation of its smartphone – the iPhone 4S – on October 4.

The next day, Samsung filed preliminary injunction motions in Italy and France to ban its sale in those countries.

The two companies have been at odds, suing and countersuing, for several months – both accusing the other of patent infringements.

Apple claims Samsung’s Galaxy tablets and smartphones have copied its own successful iPad tablets and iPhones. Samsung denies the accusations and have made several of its own.

In a separate filing Monday, Samsung appealed an Australian court’s decision last week to grant a preliminary injunction over the sale of the Galaxy tablet.

Apple filed that injunction, claiming Samsung had infringed on its touchscreen technology patents.