Husband gets Dodgers in McCourt divorce deal

Frank McCourt bought the Los Angeles Dodgers seven years ago with his wife, Jamie. They are now going through a divorce.

Story highlights

  • Frank and Jamie McCourt reveal few details in divorce deal announcement
  • Jamie McCourt gives up any interest in the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Frank McCourt must still fight to keep the team in bankruptcy court
  • The estranged couple fought bitterly over ownership of the baseball team
The couple who bought the Los Angeles Dodgers seven years ago announced Monday they've agreed that the husband, Frank McCourt, will get the baseball team in their pending divorce.
With the marital spat settled, McCourt still must persuade a judge to let him keep the team, which he placed into bankruptcy after Major League Baseball blocked him from signing a television deal to provide it with the cash needed to meet its payroll.
"The terms of the settlement, which is already in effect, will remain private," a joint statement from both McCourts said. "Jamie will be withdrawing her opposition to the Dodgers proposed sale of media rights and instead will be filing papers in support of the process proposed by the Dodgers."
The $3 billion television deal with Fox Sports was the centerpiece of an early divorce settlement that fell through when Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig blocked the deal, saying he couldn't approve one "structured to facilitate the further diversion of Dodgers assets for the personal needs of Mr. McCourt."
The bankruptcy could force the team to be sold to pay off debts, something Selig has advocated.
Jamie McCourt's representative issued a separate statement Monday saying McCourt was "pleased that this matter has been fairly resolved in the best interests of her family and the Dodgers' fans, players and organization."
"From the beginning, Jamie has consistently expressed her willingness to accept a settlement, even if it required her to give up her interest in the Dodgers, the team she loves, if a fair resolution were possible," the statement said. "That has now been achieved through the cooperation of everyone involved and Jamie looks forward to moving on and focusing on new opportunities."
Selig appointed a monitor to oversee the club's business operations this year.