Occupy London Stock Exchange protests

Updated 3:24 AM ET, Tue October 18, 2011
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Hundreds of Occupy London protesters have set up a tent city in the shadow of St Paul's Cathedral. Bryony Jones/CNN
Inspired by similar protests in New York's Wall Street financial district, activists had hoped to occupy the London Stock Exchange. Bryony Jones/CNN
But police stepped in and stopped the campaigners from getting into the building on Saturday. Bryony Jones/CNN
Instead the Canon Chancellor of nearby St Paul's Cathedral said the group were welcome to set up camp on the church grounds. Bryony Jones/CNN
The protesters have festooned buldings and statues in the area with placards and posters. Bryony Jones/CNN
A protester makes banners at the Occupy London demonstration at St Paul's Cathedral. Bryony Jones/CNN
The activists say they want to force a complete change in the world's financial and political systems. Bryony Jones/CNN
Police officers have been called in, but the peaceful nature of the protests means they are simply standing and watching events unfold. Bryony Jones/CNN
Protesters say they will stay at the site until their demands are met. Bryony Jones/CNN
Many have been camping overnight at the site since Saturday. Bryony Jones/CNN
City workers have been left bemused - or amused - by the temporary encampment on their doorstep. Bryony Jones/CNN
A businessman listens in to Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters meeting outside St Paul's Cathedral Bryony Jones/CNN
Occupy London protester James Banks holds up a poster reading "More to life than money." Bryony Jones/CNN
A demonstrator walks past signs at the protest camp outside St Paul's Cathedral in London. Bryony Jones/CNN
Home-made placard at the Occupy London protest outside St Paul's Cathedral. Bryony Jones/CNN
Activists say the public reaction to their protests has been largely friendly and peaceful. Bryony Jones/CNN
Chalk slogans cover the pavement near the tent village at St Paul's Cathedral. Bryony Jones/CNN
Members of the Occupy London group have come well prepared for the chilly British weather. Bryony Jones/CNN
But some are happy to camp out in sleeping bags in the open air. Bryony Jones/CNN
Anti-banking poster at the Occupy London tent village outside St Paul's Cathedral. Bryony Jones/CNN