New Jersey teacher's alleged anti-gay Facebook post sparks controversy

Story highlights

  • New Jersey teacher faces an investigation after alleged posts
  • School officials say they will take appropriate action
  • The incident took place after a gay history month exhibit was displayed at school
Officials in a New Jersey school district are investigating claims that a high school teacher wrote anti-gay and lesbian comments on her Facebook page, an official has said.
Patrick Martin, chief administrator for Union Township Public School District, said Thursday the district will "take all appropriate action" after the investigation.
"This is a newer topic with which we have to deal," he said.
The issue came to light after a gay history month display was exhibited recently in Union Township High School.
Former town councilman and judge John Paragano said he wrote a letter to the public school district on Saturday after learning of the alleged posts on the social networking site.
In the letter, Paragano says Viki Knox "made public comments regarding her disdain of homosexuals, lesbians, and transgender persons."
CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the posts. Knox could not be reached for comment.
The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey issued a statement saying it supports Knox's First Amendment right to post personal comments, even though it disagrees with the sentiments she allegedly expressed.
The controversy comes on the heels of recent anti-bullying legislation in New Jersey following the high-profile suicide of a Rutgers University student, whose sexual encounter with another man was broadcast online without their knowledge.