iReporters capture magical Macedonia

Updated 12:06 AM ET, Fri October 14, 2011
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Igor Arsovski shot this photo at Lake Ohrid in order to show friends back in his adopted home of Canada why he "always goes back to Macedonia." Igor Arsovski
"What I find most special about Macedonia is the country's diverse topography," say Jeremy La Zelle who captured this image from a ridge on the Solunska Glava Mountain Range in central Macedonia. Jeremy La Zelle
Robert Pasquale took this photo of the world's biggest cross in all its 66 meter high splendour during a visit to Skopje in August 2011. Robert Pasquale
This image of a Crested Lark was taken by Ilija Dukovski in central Skopje. "Macedonia is yet to be discovered as a premier birding spot in the Balkans," he says. Ilija Dukovski
Macedonia plays host to thousands of archaeological sites including the ancient Roman ruins of Stobi, pictured here by Petra Zajkoska. Petra Zajkoska
Keith Hurst drove to Macedonia from his home in Leipzig, Germany, taking this shot of the tranquil landscape around Lake Ohrid along the way. Keith Hurst
This picture of traditional Macedonian clothing in a market near Lake Ohrid was one of Frances Fryberg's favourites from his trip to Macedonia in the summer of 2011. "Macedonia was a beautiful country with rich history, interesting sights, friendly people and delicious food," he says. Frances Fryberg
"I took this because I have lived in Canada since I was 7 and one of the things I love is winter," says Igor Arsovski of this picture of a snowy Skopje City Park. Macedonia has cold winters but not as cold as Canada, he adds. Igor Arsovski
This Ottoman era bridge plays an important role in connecting "the old and the new of Skopje," says iReporter Goran Andev. Built between 1451 and 1469, the historic structure links central Skopje to the city's Old Bazaar area. Goran Andonov