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At Tuesday night’s GOP Presidential Debate in Hanover, New Hampshire, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney said Americans agree that cutting spending and balancing the budget is the answer to fixing the economy, not raising taxes.

The Statement: “The American people want to see growth and jobs, and they believe that the right way to do it is by cutting back on the scale of government. And they’re right.” – Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

The Facts: According to a CNN/ORC International poll conducted in August, 63 percent of Americans favored increases in taxes on businesses and higher-income Americans, while 36 percent were opposed. The poll showed only 12 percent favored increases in taxes on middle class and lower-income Americans, while 87 percent were opposed. As for spending cuts, 57 percent favored major cuts in domestic government programs, while 40 percent were opposed.

Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) said taxes on wealthy people should be kept high so the government can use their money for programs to help lower-income people. About one-third (34 percent) of the people polled said taxes on wealthy people should be kept low because they invest their money in the private sector and that helps the economy and creates jobs.

Other polls have shown similar results, with a majority favoring a mix of spending cuts and tax increases to reduce America’s debt and lower the deficit.

The Verdict: True, but incomplete

CNN’s Julie In contributed to this report.