Wisconsin woman charged with killing mother, unborn child

Story highlights

  • Annette Morales-Rodriguez faces two homicide counts
  • She is accused of cutting a baby from his mother's womb
  • Morales-Rodriguez allegedly told police her boyfriend wanted a son
  • She had told him she was pregnant, authorities say
A Milwaukee woman accused of killing a pregnant mother and her unborn son just days before he was due to be born was charged Monday with two counts of homicide.
Annette Morales-Rodriguez, 33, is accused of killing 23-year-old Maritza Ramirez-Cruz and then cutting the baby from her womb last week, according to police and a criminal complaint.
It was not immediately clear Monday whether the defendant had obtained legal representation.
Morales-Rodriguez, who first tried to pass the child off as her own, allegedly told police that her boyfriend wanted a son and that she could not get pregnant. She had told her boyfriend she was expecting.
As her alleged due date drew near, Morales-Rodriguez began to panic and went in search of a pregnant woman, the complaint read. She meant to take the woman's baby and make it hers.
Morales-Rodriguez had not met Ramirez-Cruz prior to last week, when she offered the pregnant woman a ride in her car, according to the complaint.
Under the pretext of needing to change her shoes, the defendant drove Ramirez-Cruz to her home, where she hit the victim several times in the head with a baseball bat, the complaint says. After Ramirez-Cruz fell down, Morales-Rodriguez choked her until she was no longer conscious, it says.
The defendant then used a knife to cut Ramirez-Cruz's abdomen, according to the complaint.
"She cut Maritza at the bikini line attempting to duplicate the process she had seen on the Discovery Channel, depicting a cesarean section birth," it read.
When Morales-Rodriguez removed the baby, it was not breathing.
She then called 911 and told authorities she had just given birth to a child in the shower. However, an autopsy on the baby, which was between 38 and 42 weeks, revealed it was not the product of a natural birth, but had been cut out by force.
Morales-Rodriguez was arrested late last week and remains in custody at the Milwaukee County Jail.
CNN affiliate WTMJ said that Ramirez-Cruz was expected to give birth on October 16. She and her husband had planned to name the child Omar, the network reported.