New hurricane emerges off Mexico's western coast

Story highlights

  • Jova becomes a hurricane and is likely to strengthen further, the hurricane center says
  • The center urges people nearby to "monitor" its progress, though no warnings are issued
  • Irwin weakens to a tropical storm, as it creeps in the eastern Pacific Ocean
  • Philippe, once a hurricane in the Atlantic, is "quickly losing tropical characteristics"
A new hurricane emerged Saturday in the eastern Pacific Ocean, prompting the National Hurricane Center to urge those along Mexico's southwestern coast to track its progress as it crept toward shore.
Hurricane Jova had maximum sustained winds of 75 mph as of 2 p.m. PDT (5 p.m. EDT) Saturday, with the Miami-based center predicting it would get even stronger over the next 48 hours.
The storm's eye was located south of Mexico's Baja California and 440 miles (710 kilometers) west-southwest of Manzanillo. It was heading slowly, at 3 mph, to the east-northeast.
Tropical-storm-force winds -- measured at 39 mph or stronger -- were recorded 90 miles out, the center reported.
No coastal warnings or watches are currently in effect due to the system, though the hurricane center is advising people in the general area to monitor its movement.
On the same day Jova strengthened to become a hurricane, another storm, Irwin, lost that status.
Now a tropical storm, Irwin's center was located 930 miles southwest of Baja California's southern tip. Its maximum sustained winds were at 70 mph, just below that needed to obtain hurricane status.
Irwin is not expected to lose or gain much strength in the next two days. Inching north Saturday afternoon at 1 mph, it will likely shift east and pick up speed in the coming days.
Meanwhile, Philippe -- which had been a hurricane in the Atlantic -- was "quickly losing tropical characteristics" Saturday as it moved over the open sea, according to the center.
Situated 1,080 miles west of Portugal's Azores islands, the storm had steady winds of 50 mph as it continued heading northeast. The storm is likely to continue losing strength over the course of the weekend.