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Jobs 'one of the biggest icons'

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Early Thursday, details on tributes to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs were still scarce

Jobs' family says a website will be created to let people offer tributes to him

Apple's campus and Apple stores worldwide became memorials by late Wednesday

A group names Oct. 14, when the iPhone 4S is released, as Steve Jobs Day

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Details were just beginning to emerge Thursday on plans for memorial services and other tributes to Steve Jobs, the iconic Apple co-founder who died Wednesday.

But if plans for official observances were still forming, people across the world touched by his vision, and the products that resulted, were already clamoring for ways to celebrate and memorialize his legacy.

A statement from Jobs’ family late Wednesday said a website is going to be created “for those who wish to offer tributes and memories.” While saying “we know many of you will mourn with us,” the statement did not mention any plans for a public memorial service.

Early Thursday, that website did not appear to be live yet. A spokeswoman for the family did not immediately respond to a request for details.

In its statement announcing the CEO’s death, Apple provided an email address – rememberingsteve@apple.com – for people wishing to “share your thoughts, memories, and condolences.”

Apple has said the company does not know when, or if, there will be a public memorial.

But at Apple’s headquarters, Apple stores worldwide and on the Internet, unofficial tributes had already begun.

On Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California, flags were at half-staff and an impromptu memorial had cropped up by late Wednesday. Apple employees and others showed up to leave flowers, light candles and provide other tributes.

Apple retail stores everywhere became gathering places for the Apple faithful who looked at Jobs as much more than a CEO. At an Apple store in Tokyo, iPads and iPhones showing flickering images of candles had been propped beside flowers and other more traditional items.

Online, a pre-existing group of Apple fans had already declared October 14, the day the iPhone 4S will be released, “Steve Jobs Day” as a tribute to his legacy.

“We admire his work. We’ve embraced his vision. And we love what he’s brought to the world,” reads the group’s website. “Let’s take a day to honor the man himself and say thank you.”

The site encourages people to dress in Jobs’ iconic jeans and black mock turtleneck on that day, and use Facebook and Twitter to share thoughts about him.

“We planned this the day he retired and announced it in September,” the group wrote on a Facebook page where people can RSVP to “attend” the day. “It was intended to be a celebration of his life. Not a memorial.” On Thursday morning, more than 7,000 people had said they would participate.

Tech-focused publications, including BoingBoing and Wired, also turned their website homepages into tributes to Jobs. BoingBoing’s site was reskinned to look like an older Mac computer interface. Wired made most of its page black in reverence for the passing of a tech titan.