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Real Simple share no-hassle Halloween costumes that you can throw together last-minute

Prepare a fallen angel or pig-in-a-blanket costume in no time

Using household items, you may not even have to leave your home  — 

No-hassle Halloween costumes that you can throw together last minute:

A green clown wig + a schoolgirl outfit = Broccoli Spears

A plastic laundry basket with holes cut out for legs + white balloons + a shower cap = Bathing Beauty

A white dress + a pipe-cleaner halo + leaves in her hair and “dirt” on her face = Fallen Angel

Black clothes + yellow electrical tape down his torso + toy cars + Velcro = Highway

A pig nose + a blanket = Pig in a Blanket

A blue T-shirt + cotton balls + tape + a water gun = Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain

A polo shirt + khakis (or madras shorts) + a name tag = Jay Crew

A clear umbrella (preferably dome- shaped) + party streamers or metallic ribbons = Jellyfish Halloween new uses for old things

Want to go all out this year for Halloween? Dress your kids in these fun DIY costumes:

Safari guide

Lions, tigers, umm…giraffes, oh, my! This young adventurer’s outfit begins with basic khaki shorts, white tee, and sneakers (or boots). The vest and binoculars are made from a paper grocery bag and empty toilet paper tubes (get the how-tos). And what safari is complete without at least one “wild” animal? Simple Halloween costumes for the family

Raining cats and dogs

Uh-oh: Watch out for poodles! Pull out your child’s slicker and Wellies and a few of her furry friends for a clever conceptual costume. All you need is an old umbrella and a hot glue gun to attach the toys (get the how-tos). Now just wait for the compliments to rain down.

How to: Make an umbrella

What You Need


Stuffed Animals

Hot Glue Gun

Open up the umbrella and hot glue one animal at a time on the outside. Let them rest in place to dry overnight. Easy Halloween costumes for adults


An idea that’s – c’mon, we have to say it – out-of-this-world. This getup revolves around black pants and shirt (or black sweats) sprinkled with a constellation of shining star stickers. Layer on a bright sweatshirt that you’ve painted with Saturn-like bands (get the how-tos). Then add a pillow for stuffing and top it all off with as many “rings” as your little star can twirl.

How to: Make Saturn’s stripes

What You Need

Black Shirt and Pants

Star Stickers

Oversized Gold Sweatshirt



Orange Acrylic Paint (water based)

Paint Brush

Fabric Glue

1. Place the black outfit on a flat surface. Adhere “stars” all over, specifically covering the legs and arms, the areas not covered by the gold vest.

2. Cut the arms off this old sweatshirt. To create a polished look and to remove frayed edges, hem the arm holes with fabric glue.

3. Place the vest on a sheet of newspaper on a flat surface. Paint diagonal stripes using your paint and brush. Let dry overnight.

Scuba Diver

Take the plunge with an ensemble you can assemble from your child’s summer wardrobe: board shorts, a rash guard, and water shoes (walking in flippers will definitely cut into trick-or-treat time). The protective goggles come straight from the toolbox, and the oxygen tank is made from spray-painted water bottles (get the how-tos). 10 silly Halloween costumes for pets

Fallen Angel

Ah, Mommy’s little angel, in a simple costume that comes together practically on the fly. Dress your little girl all in white – a favorite dress or nightgown, tights, and comfy shoes. For her halo and wings, you’ll need pipe cleaners, cardboard, and coffee filters (get the how-tos). Finish by scattering on a few leaves from the pile she fell into when she tumbled from heaven.

How to: Make halo and angel wings

What You Need

Gold Pipe Cleaners


Hole Punch

Coffee Filters

White Cardboard

White Shoelaces

Tape or Glue Dots

1. Make a halo shape by twisting the gold pipe cleaners into proper form.

2. Draw the shape of two angel wings on cardboard; cut them out.

3. Decide on the most comfortable spot for your child to wear her wings, then punch 4 holes in the cardboard. String shoelaces through them to tie around your child’s shoulders.

4. Fold coffee filters in half and adhere them with tape or glue to the cardboard to resemble feathers.


Beat it, kid – a drum, that is. Whip up this uniform out of a shirt and pants you trim with red utility tape and spray-painted bottle caps; the hat is a paper-covered oatmeal container (get the how-tos). Switch out the drum for a curtain rod and your child is the leader of the local band (of trick-or-treaters).

How to: Make drummer’s shirt

What You Need

Bottle Caps (from water or soda bottles)


Gold Acrylic Paint (water based)


Red Utility Tape

Hot Glue Gun

1. Place bottle caps on a piece of newspaper and paint them gold. Let dry overnight.

2. Make 3 to 4 lines on shirt using the red tape. Adhere each strip about 2 to 3 inches apart.

3. Glue painted bottle caps at the ends of each strip of red tape. Let stand to dry overnight.

How to: Make drummer’s hat

What You Need

Oatmeal Canister


White Construction Paper

Glue Dots

Red Utility Tape

Hole Punch

White Shoelaces

1. Wrap paper around the container to fit to size. (You want to completely cover the oatmeal container.) Trim any excess paper off the top or bottom. Secure paper to the container with 2 or 3 glue dots.

2. Wrap a ring on the bottom of the canister with the red tape.

3. Position the hat on your child’s head and find the best spot for securing strap. Punch 2 holes and string shoelaces through the holes. Spooky Halloween décor

Pig in a blanket

Hands down, the hit of the Halloween party season. Start by decking out your little one in pink, head to toe. Add felt ears and a bottle cap/button nose (get the how-tos). Wrap her in her favorite blankie and you’ve got one little piggy way too adorable to stay home.

How to: Make pig ears

What You Need



4 Pieces of Pink Felt (we like E-Z felt, which is stiff and easier to work with)

Pink Headband


Hot Glue Gun

1. Create a template by drawing one ear on a piece of paper and cutting it out.

2. Place template on the felt as your guide. Cut out 4 ear-shaped pieces of pink felt.

3. Glue around the edges of two pieces of felt. Stick each piece to the felt pieces without glue. (You’ll need two pieces of felt per ear so they are stable and won’t flop over.)

4. Glue the ears to the pink headband.

How to: Make a pig nose

What You Need

Large Bottle cap (we used a Gatorade cap)

Pink Ribbon

Pink Button


Pink Acrylic Paint (water based)


Hot Glue

1. Lay bottle cap on a piece of newspaper and paint it pink. Set it aside to dry overnight.

2. Once dry, glue the button to the center of the bottle cap.

3. Glue the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the cap. Tie around your child’s head to secure. Which Halloween candy is healthier