Grayson Perry: Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

Updated 9:06 AM ET, Thu October 6, 2011
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Grayson Perry's latest exhibition, "The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman" opened at the British Museum in London on October 6. Bryony Jones/CNN
For the show, Perry -- one of Britain's leading contemporary artists -- was given unprecedented access to the museum's massive collections. AFP/Getty Images
He picked out dozens of objects which inspired and interested him -- such as this 17th century slipware dish. Bryony Jones/CNN
Ancient artifacts are displayed alongside new works by Perry, a ceramicist who won the Turner Prize in 2003. Bryony Jones/CNN
Both his works and the selected pieces by unknown craftsmen of the past explore questions of culture, religion, history and pilgrimage. Bryony Jones/CNN
"You Are Here," which greets visitors on their arrival at the exhibition, features figures "explaining" why they have come to the show. Bryony Jones/CNN
Perry's "I Have Never Been to Africa" pot is shown alongside a carved tusk from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bryony Jones/CNN
The massive tapestry "Map of Truths and Beliefs" features pilgrimage destinations -- both religious and secular. Bryony Jones/CNN
Perry places "traditional" pilgrimage sites such as Mecca, Bethlehem and Amritsar alongside modern secular ones: Disneyland, Wembley, Ground Zero and Graceland. Bryony Jones/CNN
The centerpiece of the exhibition is the "Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman," which features at its heart a flint axe -- "the tool that begat all tools." Bryony Jones/CNN
New and old line up alongside each other: Modern souvenir pins are displayed alongside ancient pilgrim badges. Bryony Jones/CNN
Visitors who make the "pilgrimage" to the British Museum for the show -- which runs until February 2012 -- can take home their own Grayson Perry souvenirs. Bryony Jones/CNN