Australia sets record for largest bikini parade

Bikini clad participants break the record for world's longest Bikini Parade in Gold Coast City,  Australia

Story highlights

  • The old record was set last year in the Cayman Islands
  • Australia breaks the record with 357 bikini-clad women
  • Four women are disqualified for overdressing
Three-hundred fifty-seven. That's the number of women it took for Australia on Sunday to seize the record from the Cayman Islands for the largest bikini parade.
The women, in tiny two pieces and pink visors, paraded around Surfers Paradise beach on the Gold Coast as throngs of onlookers whooped, hollered and snapped pictures.
A electronic sign kept count as the women filed past: 329, 330, 331.
At 332, a cheer went up as the crowd realized the parade had broken the previous record: 331, set in Grand Cayman on the Cayman Islands in June 2010.
Yet, more women sauntered past.
In the end, a new record was set: 357.
"And so, the record you were going for stood at 331. It was broken in the Cayman Islands last year," Australian Guinness World Records adjudicator Chris Sheedy told the crowd. "And unfortunately, they have had their record smashed."
The number would have been higher. Four women were disqualified for overdressing.