Plane hits Ferris wheel in Australia; no one is injured

Plane into Ferris wheel
Plane into Ferris wheel


    Plane into Ferris wheel


Plane into Ferris wheel 00:50

Story highlights

  • Four people are rescued in New South Wales, Australia
  • Pilot, passenger and two riders were stuck on the ride until rescue
  • Investigators are looking into the incident
An ultralight aircraft became entangled in a Ferris wheel, but neither its two occupants nor two frightened children on the ride were injured, Australian authorities said Saturday.
CNN affiliate Nine News showed footage of the bizarre scene -- a Cheetah S200 dangling nearly 40 feet from the ground at a fair in Old Bar, on the seaside in New South Wales.
New South Wales Police said investigators are looking into the mishap.
The pilot, 53, and his passenger, 32, were retrieved by crews using a crane, as were a boy, 9, and girl, 13. The children were trapped on the ride for more than an hour, police said. The two men had to wait a little longer.
Resident Gary Jones told Nine News his 9-year-old twin boys got off the Ferris wheel just seconds before the plane hit.