Radiohead rumor swells Wall Street protest

Story highlights

  • Rumors swirled around Manhattan that Radiohead would play an impromptu gig
  • The band never showed, despite the protest organizers' announcement
  • Demonstrators have camped out in lower Manhattan for two weeks
Lower Manhattan was abuzz with rumors that British rock band Radiohead would kick off an impromptu concert for an enthusiastic crowd Friday in New York's Zuccotti Park, where Wall Street protestors gathered for a second straight week.
Despite comments from the band's spokesman that they would not play, hundreds congregated at the plaza after organizers from a group called Occupy Wall Street announced the British rockers would soon arrive.
When they never did, most of the crowd quickly dispersed.
The park has remained a rallying point for demonstrators who have camped out in protest over what they say are social inequities derived from greed and corruption plaguing the current financial system.
The crowd waved banners and chanted slogans as they waited for the band, milling around tents and sleeping bags that been have strewn about the public park since September 17.
Police have arrested dozens since the protests began, particularly on September 24, when hundreds marched on the financial district without a permit.
Elsewhere Friday, 11 people were arrested in Boston during a similar demonstration.
Boston police say those protestors -- who call themselves "Take back Boston" -- gathered in front of a Bank of America building after marching through a downtown section of the city.
The group's website says, "The banks took billions of our tax dollars, yet we're the ones being forced out of our homes."