The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March caused devastation in parts of the island nation.

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The money was left in a restroom in a municipal office

An unsigned note said it should go to help people in a tsunami-hit area

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A mystery donor in Japan has left a bag containing 10 million yen ($131,000) in a restroom with a note saying it should be used to help a tsunami-hit area, Japan’s Kyodo news agency reports.

The plastic bag was found in a municipal office for the city of Sakado, in Saitama Prefecture, the office said Thursday, according to Kyodo.

Alongside 10 bundles of a hundred 10,000 yen notes, the bag contained an unsigned note saying the money should go to the people of Japan’s northern Tohoku region, devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in March, Kyodo said.

The municipal office will keep the money for three months before passing it to the Japanese Red Cross Society if it remains unclaimed, the news agency reported.