Ancient Trash

Published 12:07 PM ET, Thu September 29, 2011
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Shards of amphorae, or vases, discovered at the ancient Roman landfill known as Monte Testaccio, in Rome. Dr. Jose Remesal Rodriguez
The amphorae found in this ancient dump site have been useful to archaeologists and historians studying the consumption, trade and transport of olive oil in the Roman Empire. Dr. Jose Remesal Rodriguez
An aerial view of Monte Testaccio Dr. Jose Remesal Rodriguez
Archaeologist Dr. Richard Meadow has worked on excavating the ancient city of Harappa in present-day Pakistan.

Ancient walls show progressive deposits of debris; according to Meadow, ancient peoples would often dump their trash in the streets, causing street levels to rise and forcing people to keep building higher and higher.
HARP (Harappa Archaeological Research Project)