Crowd gathers outside Murray trial

Updated 5:50 PM ET, Tue September 27, 2011
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Goward Horton is a minister from Los Angeles who works in education. "Michael was special to me. He was a man of great talent and a good example of how we should treat each other," he says. Kevin Myers/CNN
Julia Jenkins, 31, is from Adelaide, Australia. "I'm here to show my support," she says. She says her red shirt "represents blood, because we think he was murdered." Kevin Myers/CNN
Karlene Taylor, 49, is from Jamaica, but lives in Los Angeles. "If (Murray) didn't spend so much time covering it up, Michael probably could have been saved," she says. Kevin Myers/CNN
Lauren Trainor has been a fan and advocate of Michael Jackson for 20 years. "I work for vindication of Michael, because of the mischaracterizations he has been through over the years through the media." Kevin Myers/CNN
Lenell Marshall has been a fan of Michael Jackson since she was 15. Now retired, this is her first time at the courthouse. "I think slowly but surely he was being murdered over the years, emotionally and spiritually," she says. Kevin Myers/CNN
Najee Ali grew up in Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson's hometown. Now a civil rights activist in Los Angeles, he says he has been friends with Michael Jackson for more than 20 years. "Even in death, Michael Jackson can draw a crowd," he says. Kevin Myers/CNN
Stacy Ruggles says she's a personal friend of Dr. Conrad Murray. She's supporting him, even though she's also a Michael Jackson fan. "They have the same values. Their plight was unity, world peace and love," she says. Kevin Myers/CNN
Emily Battin didn't pay much attention to Michael Jackson until after his death. She was one of the few members of the public admitted to view the trial in the courthouse on the first day of proceedings. Kevin Myers/CNN
Erin Jacobs, 43, is the cofounder of "Justice 4 MJ." "I have been a fan my whole life. This is my passion, to work for Michael Jackson," she says. She believes Murray should be charged with second degree murder. Kevin Myers/CNN
Dr. Barry Friedberg is an anesthesiologist in Newport Beach, California, and the author of "Getting Over Going Under." He says one person dies every day of over-medication. Kevin Myers/CNN
Betty Byrnes passed out sunflowers for a Michael Jackson support group called "Call for Love." "It's the first day of justice and that's really exciting, but there's not going to be any real justice. It won't bring him back," she says. Kevin Myers/CNN