3 children die in Peru food contamination incident

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  • Three children died after eating government-provided food
  • The food was prepared using a bucket used for pesticides
  • Seventy other children and adults were sickened
Peruvian officials were investigating how three children died and more than 70 other people were sickened after eating government-provided meals contaminated with pesticide, the state-run Agencia Andina reported.
The Minister for Women and Social Development, Aida Garcia Naranjo, said that the food that arrived in the town of Redondo, in northern Peru, through a government assistance program was not contaminated. The origin of the poisoning, she said, was in its preparation.
One of the women who cooked the food for the children used a bucket that was normally used for pesticide, Garcia said, according to Agencia Andina.
Garcia said she sent a team from the same program that provided the food -- the National Food Assistance Program -- to Redondo to gather further details.
She promised that the program would begin training those who prepare their food to avoid such incidents in the future.
The contaminated food sickened adults as well as children.
Redondo is located in the Cajamarca region of northern Peru.