Story highlights

Chelsea Clinton interviews her mother, Hillary

Secretary of State responds to questions on social media, democracy, women

Former President Bill Clinton joins them onstage at Clinton Global Initiative

New York CNN  — 

Chelsea Clinton, days after joining Facebook, upped her public profile Thursday by interviewing her mother, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, about technology, democracy, global health and other issues.

Along the way, mother and daughter had a little fun on the last day of the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting.

Chelsea Clinton, 31, reminded Hillary that she helped her send her first text message.

“That wasn’t very long ago, I have to tell you,” the latter said to laughs in the audience.

Her daughter also quipped that her father, former President Bill Clinton, still calls the Internet the World Wide Web.

But most of their conversation was more serious, concentrating on issues facing governments and non-governmental agencies. The initiative was founded by Bill Clinton in 2005. The former president joined Hillary and Chelsea Clinton onstage Thursday before the Q&A.

Hillary Clinton said the Arab Spring earlier this year showed the world is in “an age of participation.” Democracy, she said, is not just a Western ideal.

Hillary Clinton warned about repressive regimes stifling social media and other forms of participation in society. “Some countries imprison bloggers who talk about music or art because they consider it to be subversive,” she said.

The secretary of state said key issues for her include a sufficient and nutritious global food supply, the equal participation of women in economies and the control of disease.

At the end of the discussion, Chelsea said, “I am once again grateful you are my mom and my secretary of state.”

Chelsea Clinton, an only child, married Marc Mezvinsky last year.

She serves on the board of the Clinton Foundation, among others, and “has focused on questions of empowerment and equal rights, including areas related to health and the arts, particularly on those that concern children,” according to her Facebook profile.