Severely beaten baseball fan now able to speak

San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten outside Dodger Stadium on March 31.

Story highlights

  • Bryan Stow, 42, was severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium on March 31
  • He recently was able to speak for the first time since incident
  • His family members say they are "blown away" by Stow's improvement
A San Francisco Giants baseball fan severely beaten in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium has taken a monumental step in his recovery -- speaking for the first time in nearly six months.
"We are blown away with all of this," the family of Bryan Stow posted Wednesday on its website, "Literally one day we got some facial responses and the next, he's talking. His voice is gravelly and you have to be close to hear him, but he is talking."
Stow, 42, a paramedic from Santa Cruz, California, went into a coma as a result of the March 31 beating after a game between the Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.
According to the family, when speech therapists asked Stow his first and last name, he responded. A therapist asked what his daughter's name was and Stow said, "Tabby." The therapist asked what that was short for and he correctly said, "Tabitha." Stow was also able to say the name of his son, Tyler, the family said.
The critically injured man also was able to give his birth date and say he wanted to see Tabitha and Tyler.
Doctors are trying to control Stow's blood clots and keep them from his lungs, his family said.
"Bryan's had many ups and downs, and though we see how far he has come, we try not to look too far back into these past 6 months, and we can't look too far down the road so we focus on right now," his family wrote. "Bryan is more awake and more responsive then ever."
The men police believe were responsible for his attack -- Marvin Norwood, 30, and Louie Sanchez, 29 -- pleaded not guilty last month to felony charges related to the beating.
In the parking lot, two men confronted Stow and -- unprovoked -- began kicking and punching him while yelling profanities about the Giants, police have said. It took 10 to 15 minutes after the attack for personnel to reach Stow.