The journey across Niger

Updated 4:00 PM ET, Thu September 22, 2011
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Camels are seen along the roadside as CNN's Nic Robertson endures a 12-hour drive from Niger's captial, Niamey, to Agadez. Nic Robertson/CNN
Driving along the road, camel-styled gates mark Tahoua, about 400 kilometers (270 miles) from Agadez. Nic Robertson/CNN
Large grain stores are close to Niamey where the land is still lush and fertile. Nic Robertson/CNN
There is a tiny mud-built medical clinic in a small village halfway between Niamey and Agadez. Nic Robertson/CNN
Niger's famous long horn cattle cross the road in a town several hundred miles from Agadez. Nic Robertson/CNN
Robertson passes a muddy watering hole, filled by recent rain, along the journey. Nic Robertson/CNN