Report: Next iPhone to be unveiled October 4

New Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to be on hand for the upcoming launch of the next iPhone

Story highlights

  • WSJ blog: Next iPhone will be announced in early October
  • The phone will go on sale a few weeks later, AllThingsD says
  • CNN has not confirmed this date, and AllThingsD says it's subject to change
  • Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO, is expected to help debut the phone
Apple will unveil its next-generation iPhone at an event on Tuesday, October 4, according to a report on AllThingsD, a Wall Street Journal blog network.
The phone will be available to consumers "within a few weeks" of that announcement, the publication says, citing unnamed sources.
CNN has not confirmed this news and AllThingsD acknowledges the date could change.
The smartphone likely will be called the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S, according to the common wisdom on tech blogs.
A version of the phone was reportedly found in a San Francisco bar earlier this summer, according to the tech site CNET, but few details about the phone's hardware are certain.
AllThingsD also expects Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO, to handle most of the announcement. Cook took over leadership of the much-scrutinized tech company after its iconic co-founder, Steve Jobs, stepped down from the post after going on medical leave.
"The pressure will be on Cook to turn in a good performance at the event," writes John Paczkowski, "especially after what has so far been a very smooth leadership transition at Apple."
"Apple's future likely hinges more on his on-stage presence than just a piece of hardware."