Iraqi insurgents kill police, officials say

Story highlights

  • 3 explosions target government buildings in Anbar Province
  • 4 police were killed in one of those attacks, authorities say
  • Separately, 3 police are killed at a checkpoint east of Baghdad
Three consecutive explosions Tuesday targeted government buildings in Iraq's Anbar province and killed four police officers, authorities said.
Two suicide bombers tried to enter a government compound and detonated their explosives when police tried to stop them, police said. At the same time, a car bomb exploded in the same area near a building belonging to the Interior Ministry, police said. That bomb killed four police officers and wounded 18 others, police said.
Separately, three police officers were killed when gunmen attacked an Iraqi police checkpoint in the Shaab neighborhood east of Baghdad, police said.
The attacks come as Iraqi security forces are raising questions about their capacity to handle security after U.S. forces leave the country.