10 killed, 22 missing after landslide in central China

Story highlights

  • 100,000 cubic meters of rock and mud slide down a mountain in Shaanxi province
  • Xi'an's vice mayor tells state-run Xinhua news agency that another 5 were injured
  • Heavy rain has hampered rescue efforts, including causing three landslides Sunday
Some 100,000 cubic meters (3.5 million cubic feet) of rock and mud slid down a mountain in central China this weekend, killing at least 10 people and leaving another 22 people missing, state-run media reported Sunday.
Another five people injured in the landslide are in stable condition at local hospitals, Xi'an vice mayor Zhu Zhisheng told the official Xinhua news agency.
Rain triggered a massive landslide around 2 p.m. Saturday that buried a brick factory and destroyed part of a ceramic factory in a suburb of Xi'an, which is the capital of the province of Shaanxi.
Rescue efforts -- involving more than 700 police, firefighters and locals, according to Xinhua -- have been hampered by relentlessly heavy rains, which set off off three additional landslides between 10 and 11 a.m. Sunday. These forced a temporary suspension of efforts after unleashing another 10,000 cubic meters of material.
Strong precipitation also caused serious problems in other Chinese communities.
That included a landslide Saturday night that buried a home in Baoji, also in Shaanxi province. Two people who were dug from the rubble were rushed to a nearby hospital but eventually died, the municipal government said, according to Xinhua.
Three people buried underneath a Sunday morning landslide in the same area were rescued and rushed to a hospital. The three were in stable condition, doctors at the hospital told Xinhua.