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Kevin Nealon: Not like 'Weeds'
Kevin Nealon: Not like 'Weeds'


    Kevin Nealon: Not like 'Weeds'


Kevin Nealon: Not like 'Weeds' 02:29

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  • Kevin Nealon explains why he and his wife named their son Gable
  • Former "Saturday Night Live" star plays Doug Wilson on Showtime's "Weeds"
  • He says he has little in common with the pothead character he plays
"We looked at ports in Europe. We looked at street signs. Things on the menu."
In the end, comedian Kevin Nealon and his wife decided to name their son Gable. As in Clark Gable. They simply liked the sound of it, and most people will agree it's far better than Helsinki, 43rd Avenue or Never Ending Pasta Bowl.
This was 4½ years ago, but the former "Saturday Night Live" star still loves to talk about his son. In 2009, he even published a book about becoming a first-time dad called "Yes, You're Pregnant, But What About Me?"
"We finally got the pacifier away from him," Nealon says of Gable. "And now we're potty training him. It would've been easier to get the pacifier away from him if we taught him how to pee on it."
Nealon describes himself as a hands-on father but admits, "It's because I don't work that much."
In that sense, he sort of sounds like his character, Doug Wilson, on Showtime's "Weeds," a pot-smoking, former CPA-drifter with a pretty much nonexistent moral compass. However, as you'll see and hear in our recent video interview, Nealon and Doug Wilson are really nothing alike.
"I have a lot of hobbies, and I have a lot of friends," he says. "And I'm not so insecure as Doug."
They have even greater differences, but everyone still loves Doug. For all his faults and failures, fans just can't get enough of the self-centered, shamed city councilman of fictional Agrestic, and he has become, perhaps, Nealon's most beloved character on TV. This, from the man who spent a decade on "SNL," "entertaining viewers with Hans and Franz and Mr. Subliminal.
These days, Nealon is mostly keeping busy on the road with his stand-up act, and he plans to record a new one-hour special next year.
Beyond that, Nealon simply remains ... legendary.