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Here comes Drag Day!
Here comes Drag Day!


    Here comes Drag Day!


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  • McDonald and Thompson were part of the Kids in the Hall sketch comedy group
  • From 1989 to 1995, the Kids in the Hall enjoyed TV success and pop culture fame
  • Despite being known for sketches, the current tour is stand-up comedy
"It was booked as a Kids in the Hall tour, but the stages were too small."
Kevin McDonald explains -- as only he can -- his current U.S. comedy act with Scott Thompson. They're calling it "Two Kids, One Hall."
"They could only fit two-and-a-half of us," he says, "So we fired two-and-a-half, and the other guy didn't want to come as a half. After some contract negotiation, it became Scott and I."
Longtime fans of the legendary Canadian sketch comedy group know the full cast as also including Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney. (McDonald didn't specify which of these three was asked to be half a man on the tour, but the smart money is on Foley.)
From 1989 to 1995, the Kids in the Hall enjoyed TV success, and many of their sketches and phrases have become a part of pop culture lore. For instance, if you've ever crushed somebody's head, you, sir, have enjoyed a Kids in the Hall moment.
There's plenty more from their catalog of absurdity, and you can pretty much find them all somewhere on the Interwebs. But if you're looking for a place to start, this author's personal favorite is a sketch called "Citizen Kane." And my friend Paul favors one called "Wrong Number." So, here, now, you have some Kids in the Hall advice from somebody named Paul, and somebody with the last name Bellini.
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Despite being known for their sketches, the current Scott Thompson/Kevin McDonald tour is actually more focused on stand-up comedy. Thompson says, "I never liked it until very recently. I always felt too exposed and out of control."
It's definitely something new for Thompson and McDonald, and, perhaps, even more new for their fans. But the chemistry between the two comedians comes out best when they share the stage during moments throughout the show. And it certainly came out when we sat down with them in Atlanta before their performances at The Punchline. As you'll see in our video, Thompson and McDonald feed off each other with ease, often completing each other's thoughts.
Certainly, like all comedy, the Kids in the Hall aren't for everyone, but there's no denying their success; especially if catching the eye of a young Uma Thurman is the barometer of that success.
Thompson recalls meeting her backstage after a show early in the group's career.
"Uma Thurman at the time was the sexiest woman in the world," he says. "We had never met a celebrity before. We all thought she wanted to sleep with us. It really was a big launching pad for us. It made us think that wow, we're in the big leagues. She was the first responder."
She didn't sleep with them.