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Here’s my question today, when it comes to domestic politics anyway: Will congressional Democrats come to regret asking for a more high profile White House role in the budget and spending showdown? Vice President Biden and Chief of Staff William Daley lead Team Obama in negotiations that begin Thursday on Capitol Hill. For the White House, the model is the way the tax cut deal was negotiated at the end of last year. Remember? The tax cut deal that angered liberals by leaving in place, for two more years, the Bush tax cuts for the most wealthy Americans. Worth watching now to see if the White House is open to deeper cuts than congressional Democrats. The president’s session with reporters today also will help shape the debate over diplomatic and military options for Libya, not to mention provide a chance to manage tensions in US-Mexico relations. Mario and Erick contribute to the conversation – and debate – today, and both focus their time on big domestic debates. Enjoy your day. – John King

RedState.Com Editor Erick-Woods Erickson:

- The left-wing trope of the day is that non-union Texas has a lower graduation rate that unionized Wisconsin. The graduation rate ignores socioeconomic factors, such as race. Interestingly, states with very high graduation rates are also overwhelmingly white. To level the playing field, look at the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) - a standardized test students in all states take. You’ll find that Texas students are ahead of Wisconsin’s, regardless of race, at almost all levels.

- Andy Barr of Politico did an entire story on Governor Rick Perry saying Juarez, Mexico is in “America” as if Rick Perry is a dolt. First of all, Juarez is in America. Second, I’ve received dozens of emails from conservatives wanting to know what the news value is in a story where a Governor was both right and then immediately clarified his point. I’m wondering the same thing.

- Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and now Maine? Right to work is on the march.

Talk Show Host and Online Editor of MyLatinoNews.com Mario Solis-Marich:

- The Past is Present: Newt Gingrich announces the formation of a Presidential Exploratory Committee and receives tough push back from GOP stalwarts on his “character” issues, if he thinks that hurt, wait until he hears from the Latina voters he is trying to court.

- The Opponent is an Ally: The Presidents upward trend in approval numbers seem to be related to the number of days the GOP holds Congress. Is there enough time between now and 2012 for Boehner to get Obama reelected?

- The Whispers are Shouted: Progressive activists in the Lone Star State prepare for a big redistricting fight as congressional incumbents from both parties whisper that they made a secret backroom deal to split the Texas seats 50-50. Has anybody told those guys about the internet?

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