Everyday we ask influential politicos to send us their top three bullet points that are driving the day’s conversation in and outside Washington.

RedState.Com Editor Erick-Woods Erickson:

- Which GOP Senator will threaten to end all unanimous consent agreements in the Senate if the Democrats gut the filibuster? Expect one of them to do it.

- As the debt ceiling limit is about to be reached and talk of a government shutdown starts up, it is important to remember the House Republicans only lost 9 seats in 1996 – not exactly the cataclysmic event everyone seems to remember as fallout from the 1995 shutdown.

- Conservatives have a novel agenda idea for the GOP: bring back the incandescent light bulb.

The Dewey Square Group Principal Maria T. Cardona:

- Congressman Issa’s credibility is out the window as he concludes corruption before any facts are revealed or actual investigation takes place, and by sending a letter to more than 150 industry lobbyists asking them what he should be investigating. Talk about being in bed with special interests!!∙

- GOP obsession with Health Care repeal will backfire in a big way. They want to take away Seniors’ discounts on Rx drugs? Or tell parents their children with pre-existing conditions will not be covered? Or that they can’t have their adult children – till age 26 – on their insurance plans? Bring it on.

- New House rules expose GOP hypocrisy on fiscal discipline - all new programs have to be paid for but tax cuts do not? Even kindergarteners know that fuzzy math does not add up.