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Times Square suspect has Pakistani residency

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Bomb suspect naturalized citizen
  • Interior Minister Rehman Malik says Faisal Shahzad has Karachi ID
  • Shahzad's family is from northwestern Pakistan
  • Northwestern Pakistan region is a stronghold of militants and jihadis

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- The Pakistani-American suspect in the Times Square bombing attempt has a Karachi identification card, a document that shows Pakistani residency, and the suspect's family is from northwestern Pakistan, Interior Minister Rehman Malik told CNN.

Malik was notified about the arrest of Faisal Shahzad on Tuesday morning by the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan and said his government will cooperate with the United States government in the investigation.

The northwestern Pakistan region is a stronghold of militants and jihadis who have been targeted by U.S. drone strikes.

Bomb plot suspect arrested at 'last second'

The area is near Afghanistan and militants fighting U.S. and other international forces in the Afghan war are believed to have bases there.