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The 10 sexiest movie spies of all time

By Olivia Allin, The Frisky
Daniel Craig brought new elements to 007 in "Casino Royale."
Daniel Craig brought new elements to 007 in "Casino Royale."
  • The most-famous James Bond, Sean Connery, really set the bar high
  • Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig are just two of the sexiest male spies of all time
  • It's easy to forget that Tom Cruise was once a total heartthrob back in 1996

(The Frisky) -- Everyone's favorite charmer, George Clooney, is suiting up to play a hired assassin trying to get out of the profession after one last assignment in "The American."

The flick comes out in September and it's about time that Clooney gave James Bond a run for his money! He's charismatic, cheeky, and looks fantastic in a suit how can you go wrong?

In honor of this new development, we've rounded up the sexiest male spies of all time! Cue the "spy who shagged me" jokes.

Clive Owen really steamed up the big screen with Julia Roberts in "Duplicity" as rival spies engaging in espionage and foreplay. He also plays the best kind of spy, relying on his charisma and smarts instead of crazy gadgets.

Matt Damon's made a pretty fantastic spy as Jason Bourne in "The Bourne Identity" and its sequels. As a government assassin afflicted with amnesia, Damon runs around trying to solve his identity crisis while the CIA tries to kill him. He makes the classic playboy spy stereotype seem crass with his boyish good looks and devotion to his lady love.

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It's hard to pinpoint who the sexiest Bond was, but Pierce Brosnan did a good job of it in 1995's "Goldeneye." Between the British accent and the sophisticated chivalry, it was easy to see why women were throwing themselves at him when they were supposed to be taking him out. Plus, Brosnan is just so ridiculously pretty.

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I'd forgotten how dashing Harrison Ford was in his prime, but he really tugged at our heart strings in 1992's "Patriot Games." As a retired CIA agent, Harrison was forced to take on one last mission when a political group tried to kill his family. When you combine spy with family man, it becomes even harder not to love him! His character is irreverent and passionate and no offense to Chris Pine, who'll be reprising the role in 2012's "Moscow" but Ford can't be easily replaced.

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The only reason a lot of us watched "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" was to see if the sparks between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were obvious. And they were indeed. As husband and wife rival spies, the two created amazing sexual tension which occasionally erupted in incredibly realistic ways.

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The most-famous James Bond, Sean Connery, really set the bar high in movies like 1967's "You Only Live Twice," where Bond brought his spy skills to Japan to find a rocket that disappeared in orbit. He was young, fit, and with the Scottish accent, it's no wonder that he slayed the ladies of Japan.

In one of the best movies ever, "Charade," Cary Grant plays a name-changing government official who offers to help Audrey Hepburn find her dead husband's fortune, which was stolen from the government during World War II. A phony CIA agent and cast of sketchy characters are convinced Hepburn's character knows where the money is and won't let her rest until the mystery is solved. Bring on the Cold War spy shenanigans!

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With all the Scientology business, it's easy to forget that Tom Cruise was once a total heartthrob. But way back in 1996, he was a pretty convincing spy in "Mission: Impossible." The gravity-defying acrobatics, black leather, and futuristic gadgets made Cruise a fantastic action star and we'll have to see if he's still got it in him when he plays a secret agent in "Knight and Day," which opens this week.

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In one of the first Bond movies women were equally anxious to see, Daniel Craig brought new elements to 007 in "Casino Royale." He was a bit scrappier than previous Bonds, but those sexy blue swim trunks made us forgive the rough edges. He manages to be a sensitive bad boy, falling for the wrong women and narrowly escaping his own death. We're still swooning.

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