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Baby survives a deadly crash after a police chase in Texas

By the CNN Wires Staff
  • A 3 month-old is hospitalized after being involved in police chase, Magnolia Police say
  • A passenger sped off after police took the driver from the car, said officials
  • After a high-speed chase, the driver was killed in a crash, police say
  • Texas
  • Houston (Texas)
  • Police

Read CNN affiliate KTRK-TV's report about the police chase.

(CNN) -- A 3-month-old girl was found hanging upside down in her car seat after being involved in a police chase that left the driver of the car dead, Texas police said Monday.

Officers with the Magnolia Police Department said they pulled over a 2004 Chevy Impala Sunday afternoon just outside Houston, in search of a robbery suspect.

After they pulled the driver from the vehicle, the passenger locked the doors and sped off, said the Texas Department of Public Safety. Officers said they followed the car in a high-speed chase that went through a construction zone.

The car eventually rolled over into a fence and landed upside down after hitting the spikes police had thrown into the road, police said.

Officers said the driver died at the scene, but the baby's cries led them to the child, who was still strapped in her car seat. The seat had to be cut out of the vehicle through the rear window.

The 3-month-old was taken to a hospital in Houston and was listed in stable condition, according to police.

Her father was the man police pulled from the vehicle during the initial stop, according to Detective Brian Clack of Magnolia Police. He was released from custody with no charges filed against him.

CNN's Antoinette Campbell contributed to this report.