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Federal judge to plead guilty in drug case

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Federal judge will plead guilty to charges Friday, attorney says
  • Dancer began recording judge before cooperating, documents say
  • Judge released on bond after arrest

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- A federal judge in Georgia, arrested after federal agents say he bought drugs for a stripper, will plead guilty to some charges on Friday, his attorney said.

Senior U.S. District Judge Jack Camp Jr. will plead guilty to the felony charge of aiding and abetting a felon's possession of marijuana and cocaine, misdemeanor conversion of government property; and misdemeanor possession of roxycodone, a painkiller, lead defense attorney Bill Morrison told CNN.

"We have made a mutually acceptable resolution of the case," Morrison said.

Senior U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan will hear the case in Atlanta Friday morning, according to court documents. Federal prosecutors Thursday filed court papers indicating the guilty plea on the felony aiding and abetting charge.

Camp was arrested last month after federal agents said he bought drugs from an undercover agent.

Initially, Camp had been charged with possession of cocaine, marijuana and roxycodone, according to court documents. He also was charged with possessing a firearm as an unlawful user of controlled substances and with aiding and abetting the possession of drugs by the stripper, who had a prior drug conviction.

Camp, who has been out on $50,000 bond, will likely be sentenced in early 2011, Morrison said.

Morrison, who will seek a non-prison sentence for his client, said sentencing guidelines call for four to 10 months' imprisonment, though the judge could issue a two-year sentence for the felony and one-year sentences for the misdemeanors.

"We're going to reserve comment on the appropriate sentence," said Morrison, who declined to discuss the allegations against Camp.

The government alleged that Camp had been paying the stripper for sex since last spring and was fronting money to buy drugs for both of them. Before the sting that led to his arrest, he told her, "Let me pay him, because you've already got a record," an affidavit states.

Camp, 67, is the former chief judge for the Northern District of Georgia. He was appointed to the bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 and took senior status in 2008.

The dancer, who is not identified in court papers, had a prior drug-related federal felony conviction on her record and "recently began cooperating with the FBI," according to the charges -- but she began recording the judge before she became an informant, the affidavit states.

The woman has been promised immunity from prosecution, but also had fewer tapes than she originally told agents from other law enforcement agencies, according to a footnote in the court papers.

CNN's Phil Gast contributed to this report.