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Slaying victim in Mexico may have been U.S. citizen, officials say

By Nick Valencia, CNN
  • Saul de La Rosa was abducted in Juarez; his body was found Thursday
  • U.S. officals are investigating whether he was an American citizen
  • Two of his relatives were killed during the abduction

(CNN) -- The slaying of a man in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, is being investigated by the U.S. consulate because the man might have been a U.S. citizen, consular officials told CNN Thursday.

Saul de La Rosa, 27, was kidnapped on August 28 while visiting relatives in Juarez, officials said. He was found dead Thursday, according to U.S. consulate Public Affairs Officer Olga Bashbush.

"Right now we're investigating the case. We have to completely confirm that he is a U.S. citizen," Bashbush said. "When we do confirm that they are a U.S. citizen, it depends on the family whether they want us to discuss it. Right now we're still investigating," Bashbush added.

De la Rosa was abducted by alleged hitmen while visiting relatives at a home in Juarez, officials said. Two of his relatives were killed during the struggle, local reports said.

Juarez -- which shares a border with El Paso, Texas -- has been the focal point of Mexican President Felipe Calderon's war on organized crime.

The city is Mexico's most violent, with an average of eight to 11 murders per day, according to the federal police department.