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Professor says he was fired, discriminated for being straight

By Logan Burruss, CNN
  • Dr. Csaba Marosan taught natural Sciences in upstate New York
  • Marosan says he was targeted for various forms of discrimination
  • College denies the allegations

New York (CNN) -- A former college professor in upstate New York says he was fired and discriminated against because he is straight.

Dr. Csaba Marosan taught natural Sciences at Trocaire College in Buffalo. He told CNN that he was asked not to return this year because of his formal complaint against the college in 2009.

Marosan alleges that college officials gave preferential treatment to gay faculty members in a small clique dubbed, "the Merry Men."

The college denied the allegations and attributes his dismissal to lack of qualifications. The former professor said he has taught at the college for eight years.

"Trocaire is confident that it will be vindicated when the full facts of this case are presented in the hearing process," said John A. Vecchio, vice president for institutional advancement.

A report from the New York State Division of Human Rights shows that a dean of education allegedly made comments about Marosan's nationality, accent, culture and manner of greeting colleagues.

The initial report was amended in April to include the differential treatment Marosan allegedly received since the investigation started, including his eventual dismissal. The amended report also includes a charge of discrimination based on sexual orientation, which Marosan said he initially left out.

"I am not a homophobe, and I did not want to bring up sexual orientation going into it," he said.

Vecchio criticized the rights' group probe.

"The decision of the New York Division of Human Rights is based on a poor and incomplete investigation," he said.

In addition, the report indicates that among a number of sexual harassment complaints made against Marosan, at least one student admitted to having been coached. All other cases were fully dismissed.