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Campaigners rally to save 'racy pics' banker Dave's job

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Racy photos caught on camera
  • Banker caught looking at photos of semi-nude model on live TV
  • Internet campaign launched in bid to save his job
  • Employer says it is investigating actions of client investment manager
  • Video of incident viewed more than 1.3 million times on YouTube

(CNN) -- Supporters of a banker caught looking at photos of a semi-nude model on live TV have launched a Web site in a bid to save his job.

David Kiely, who works for Sydney-based Macquarie Private Wealth, has become a Web sensation after he was filmed on Australian television admiring pictures on his computer screen of scantily-clad Miranda Kerr.

Kiely was opening e-mailed pictures of Kerr while one of his colleagues, Martin Lakos, was being interviewed on Channel 7 news behind him on Tuesday.

His employer has said it is investigating the actions of the client investment manager who, according to Australian media reports, is said to be on gardening leave. A Web site has now been set up calling for Kiely to be reinstated.

An email petition, Here is the City, writes: "Whether set up or not, Kiely was really only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There but for the Grace of God."

It says Kiely "seems like a nice bloke, the pictures were not hardcore and that he had already suffered enough." It adds: "There's just too much political correctness in this world anyway."

A posting of the clip on YouTube had attracted more than 1.3 million hits by Thursday, along with thousands of comments, with many viewers arguing Kiely was unlucky to be caught on TV.

"He looks like a nice guy and I'm sure he must be a goodÿ analyst since he is working there," said one YouTube viewer. "I really feel for him -- if I was a top shot there, I wouldnt let him go. Listen we've all made mistakes in our lives. He was caught on camera, also he wasn't looking at something really dirty."

"To be fair, he was simply browsing through his emails, and perhaps he simply opened it not realising what it was?" another viewer wrote.