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Tips to help environment by saving money

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  • On Earth Day, we give you 10 tips for saving money and the environment
  • Visiting your local library instead of buying new books
  • Use organic cleaning products such as the non-toxic vinegar and baking soda
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By Anouk Lorie
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LONDON, England (CNN) -- While the world wallows in recession, climate change activists continue to raise alarm bells about the future of the world. So celebrate Earth Day with these 10 simple tips on how to help the environment and save money:

Earth Day on April 22, 2009 aims to raise awareness on how to reverse dangerous environmental trends.

Earth Day on April 22, 2009 aims to raise awareness on how to reverse dangerous environmental trends.

1. Sharing is caring!
In the European Union, cars are said to be responsible for almost 15 percent of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming. So do your bit by joining a car pool, that will cut your travel bills and mean you can enjoy the company of other commuters, or try out an hourly car rental service like Zipcar.

There are dozens of carpool Web sites around to help you find fellow commuters.

2. Glide through the waves
Turn off lights and devices when you leave a room and cut your electricity bill. Unplug your cell phone charger from the wall when not using it. Just because you cannot see the electro-magnetic waves does not mean they are not frying your brain cells!

To date, no study has definitively been able to show the risks between electro-magnetic waves and major health problems. But Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, warned last year: "We shouldn't wait for a definitive study to come out, but err on the side of being safe rather than sorry later."

3. A road to a (farmer's) house is never long.
Buy locally made products. Buying locally grown foods and goods does not just boost your local economy, but it also has a major impact on the environment. Reduced transport from trucks, boats and airplanes transporting goods can reduce carbon monoxide emissions by thousands of tons.

4. In nature's good books
Who does not love the smell of weathered pages in age-old books? Save money and the forests by visiting your local library instead of buying new books.

5. Turn off the tap
Congratulations for brushing your teeth for three minutes, twice a day, as per your dentist's urging. But if you care about the environment as much as you do your pearly whites, turn the tap off while brushing to save water. Do you have other tips? Tell us below in the Sound Off

6. Good riddance to bad rubbish
Go paperless. Read your favorite newspapers and magazines online. Publications are increasingly relying on advertising instead of subscriptions for revenue, meaning you can discover the latest buzz and even save some money.

Also switch to electronic banking and credit card payments. It will save you time and energy. Ask your bank about how to register for online banking. If you really have to, print on both sides of the paper.

7. Come hell or high water
Be a wo/man and take "navy showers!" Turning the water off every time you soap and shampoo will save countless liters of water.

According to the World Health Organization, water scarcity affects one in three people on every continent of the globe. The situation is getting worse as needs for water rise along with population growth, urbanization and increases in household and industrial uses. Watch earth day celebrations around the world

8. Living vintage
Vintage items are all the rage, so opt for used furniture when thinking about home improvements.


9. Washing, the old-fashioned way
To save water and energy and cut down on detergent entering the sewerage system, wait for a full load before using the dishwasher and washing machine. If you are hand washing the dishes or garments, try doing so in a plugged sink rather than under a running tap.

10. Grassroots all the way
Use organic cleaning products such as non-toxic vinegar and baking soda. These have been proven for centuries, and can clean almost everything in the house.

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