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School stampede in China turns deadly

  • Seven boys and a girl are killed
  • Doctors arrive from nearby city to treat injured

(CNN) -- A stampede on a school staircase in central China's Hunan province killed eight students and injured 26 others, state media reported.

A student had fallen on a flight of stairs, causing dozens of others to lose their balance and triggering the stampede Monday night, Xinhua News Agency cited officials as saying. The students at Yucai Middle School in Xiangxiang had just finished their evening study session, Xinhua reported.

Seven boys and a girl -- ranging in age from 11 to 14 -- were killed, and five others were seriously injured.

Eight children who were at the center of the stampede were being kept at local hospitals for medical observation, as doctors from the nearby city of Xiangtan were arriving to help treat the injured.